May 07

Live Long and Prosper! Star Trek Games on GOG

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GOG has been making some significant strides as of late, with the recent additions of games from Paradox Interactive, Warner Brothers, and Disney/LucasArts. Recently, GOG has also been gaining attention for its open beta release of its new online client, GOG Galaxy. Now, GOG can add one more achievement to that list: the addition of Star Trek games to its catalog.

Scoring a major coup, GOG has announced that Star Trek games have been added to its growing portfolio of DRM-free titles, with the initial lineup being Star Trek: 25th Anniversary and its sequel, Star Trek: Judgement Rites (both available for Mac, Windows and Linux), as well as Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. This marks the digital distribution debut for all three titles.

For GOG, this is a significant achievement; the demand for Star Trek games has been high on GOG, and these three titles in particular are some of the most well-regarded games in their genres. The main barrier to their availability has been thought to be the rather complicated legal situation concerning ownership over the rights to these games, in a situation comparable to System Shock 2. Whether GOG can secure the rights to distribute other games like the Elite Force and Starfleet Command series remains to be seen. For now though, it's worth celebrating a return of these classic games, so that can be enjoyed by gamers new and old alike.



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