May 22

The Technological March

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I've been moving recently and now that I'm finally settled in I got to looking at that newly refreshed 15" MacBook Pro with the new AMD m370x graphics chip. It seems like it will end up being a pretty good upgrade over the 750m. Apple claims 80% faster anyway. So good on them for that. However, I can't help but feel like it's still not quite worth it to upgrade. The machine I use now is old. 4 years old in fact. In technology, that's a century; or at least it used to be.

Apr 25

The Time We Spend Gaming

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There's a lime-green crosshair permanently burnt into my vision.

Mar 19

Quake is still pretty good.

Written by Ryan Tamm Read 1 time

 I don’t actually want friends. I don’t actually want fancy hats. I want to shoot something. Quake Live reminded me of that.

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