If you are reading this, I imagine that you are at least somewhat interested in World of Warcraft (WoW), and are familiar with the game. If you are like me, you are probably really really ready for the next expansion.


I have a confession before we start.  I can’t beat Barony: Cursed Edition, a roguelike RPG.  After 20 hours of gameplay, that final prize still eludes me.

“Have you played?” is a column of gaming recommendations that involve older titles, or games of yesteryear.

Ahh, Star Wars. The franchise clearly has a storied history in cinema, toys, and other items. Thankfully, they also have a storied history in gaming as well.

My relationship with the Thief games will apparently forever be a complicated one. I've never been able to make a final decision about any of the games in the series and (spoiler alert!) things haven't changed much with the latest installment in the franchise.

Okay, so I wasn’t truly a Tauren chieftain, but I was a Tauren. It sounded better in the title, so there’s that.

While fellow staff writer Sean has shared his review thoughts on this game, I wanted to share my own. Consider this an alternate take.

As an indie game developer with a passion for horror I have been wanting to make a blog post talking about my personal game-design philosophy. In this post I will define what I believe haunts and scares a player.

There has been a lot of chatter in the macsphere over the past several months about the new graphics technologies that are coming (or might be coming) to OS X. This post will seek to give information on each of the major four graphics APIs, and talk about the advantages of each.

I have been a long-time Diablo fan. I played through Diablo 1, and its moody atmosphere, dark dungeons and ultra-violence (for the day) were enthralling.

I never had that much experience playing card games growing up. Well, over 20 years ago, I remember playing a lot of Quests of the Round Table with friends. It was a King Arthur/Camelot based card game for 2-4 players.


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