Woohoo! A good 5-6 weeks after the PC release, the enhanced version of Divinity: Original Sin has finally hit Mac & Linux. 

It seems we may be getting some dinosaur hunting action on the Mac soon.

World War 1 shooter Verdun, has released a Christmas Truce update just in time for Christmas. Trade bullets for snowballs and footballs!

From the update:

Ever wanted to feel like a leet haxor? Well now is your chance. Hacknet has received Mac & Linux versions. As someone who does a fair amount of command line work and web development this looks really fun.

Feral has released yet another Total War entry in the form of Medieval II. At the moment, this is a Mac App Store only release, with the Steam version coming later at an unspecified date. (Presumably delayed due to cross-platform compatibily and features that SteamPlay demands.)

Feral Interactive have announced that XCOM 2 will be available globallly February 5th, right alongside the launch of the PC version.

Feral has another awesome release for us this December, with Thief.

Feral Interactive have announced yesterday that Company of Heroes 2 will be launching for Mac on August 27th. We only have to wait a little over a week before being immersed in glorious WW2 combat yet again. I for one, can't wait.

Dota 2

Everyone's favorite Steam overlord Valve has announced the Dota 2 Reborn beta, which will bring with it a new interface, a new engine (the much rumored Source 2.0) and custom games.

Jurassic World

If you aren't paying attention to new Steam releases, the fact that Feral released LEGO Jurassic World may have snuck by you. (There won't be any official news release by Feral until the Mac App Store version hits.)

Game Synopis: 


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