I know, and you know the gaming world wanted more Wang. Clearly the developers behind Shadow Warrior know this as well, since they just announced Shadow Warrior 2 a few hours ago. The trailer reveals new features, such as 4 player coop, new guns, blades and enemies.


Aspyr Media has posted a great article on their blog about why Metal is a big deal for Mac gaming.

Blizzard is adding a new game mode called Tavern Brawl to their Free to Play card game Hearthstone. The official blog claims it will arrive "mid-June" which is a few days to a week off.

From the post: 

Epic game's free-to-play shooter, Fortnite, seems to be aiming to release a beta for the Mac platform this fall. Announced today in Apple's WWDC keynote speech, Fortnite will be Epic's first Unreal 4 engine game. 

The Steam store is now offering refunds. This is awesome, and the full details are avalible over on the Refunds page.

After weeks of teasing us with a mysterious website, 2K Games has finally announced the next entry in the hugely popular XCOM series.

Blizzard has shown off the first two gameplay videos for its upcoming team-based shooter Overwatch. You can watch the medic Mercy, and the warrior monk Zenyatta in action below.

Yesterday was Diablo III's third birthday, and in true Blizzard style they celebrated it with something amusing. It would seem the much fabled cows have invaded Sanctuary. These fiendish creatures have not been seen since Diablo II and the secret cow level.

According to a blog post by the Chief Architect at Oculus, development of the virutal reality device the Rift has been paused for OSX and Linux.

Larian studios has announced that an Enhanced Edition of their RPG Divinity: Original Sin will be coming "when it's ready." Best of all, the enhanced edition will be free for those who already own


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