Ark: Survival Evolved

So it looks like a few different survival, open-world games had a baby and added dinosaurs.

The open-world space sim Elite: Dangerous got its Mac version today.

Welcome to the rumor roundup! At some point I want to actually make a rumor section, but for now this will do. We have some great games spotted in the Steam DB for Mac, as well as photo proof from a reddit user.

Wasteland 2 GOTY

This is amazing. Not only is a GOTY version of Wasteland 2 on the way with all kinds of new stuff, the upgrade is totally free for existing owners!

GOG Galaxy

The fine folks at Good old Games have released their upcoming Galaxy client into the wilds of open beta. The signups are going to be done in batches, but they say you should get in soon.

This is really cool. 3D Realms have released an anthology of all their classic games from the last 20 years. Featuring 32 games including the original 2D Duke Nukems, Terminal Velocity, Secret Agent and more. The best part is, these are all Mac compatible. Awesome!

Normally I make a news post per-game to talk about its release, but in this case I got a bit behind so I'm going to make one post about all of them.

Valve's popular free-to-play MOBA Dota 2 has dropped a big patch with significant game changes and new items.

The latest Shadowrun game - the 3rd of the new releases - is now available on Steam.

Feral Podcast

Feral Interactive have released a new episode of their podcast. This time, Brad Gibson and Edwin Smith discuss the new features in DiRT 3 Complete Edition.


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