Dirt 3 Complete

Feral Interactive has posted a new video containing tips and tricks for DiRT 3 on how to achieve the best lap time. You can check out the video below.

This is great news. Blizzards MOBA Heroes of the Storm is set to enter open beta on May 20th, and release on June 2nd.


Has the venerable porting company MacPlay risen from the ashes? It would seem so, as a new website under http://mpdigitalgames.com shows off a revised MacPlay logo, a few games and company information.

A source informed Kotaku that 2K Australia is closing down. The studio most recently brought us Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and previous work includes work on the Bioshock series and XCOM Declassified. 

MacGameStore Bundle

Online store MacGameStore is offering a great bundle similar to a Humble Bundle, but in this case it's a lot better.

Metro Redux

The post-apocalyptic Metro series is now entirely available on Mac in the remastered Redux form. Previously we had gotten Metro: Last Light, but now we also have the first game, Metro 2033.

S2 Games new MOBA Strife is now available on Steam early-access. These are the same developers who made Heroes of Newerth, which is a MOBA I am a huge fan of, having played it seriously for about 3 years.

Humble Origins Bundle 2

The latest Humble Bundle features a variety of EA games via Origin. Sadly, most of the bundle is not Mac compatible, but Dragon Age II and Bejeweled 3 are available to play for us Macsters. You will have to pay just shy of $5 to unlock them both.

The turn-based strategy game Age of Wonders III, along with its new expansion has been released for Mac as of yesterday. And you can get it right now on Steam for 66% off.

Dead Synchronicity

The indie point-and-click adventure, Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today has been released. Actually it was released 4 days ago but I missed posting this.


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