Cities Skyline

Well this is impressive. Cities: Skyline has sold over a million copies since launch last month Paradox Interactive announced today.

From the press release: 


Well this sounds interesting. Monogon Games, a Dutch studio, has announced their "five minute RTS" Interloper as coming to Mac, Linux (and PC) this May 21st. (Official Website Link.)

The games description: 

After weeks of teasing fans through viral marketing and twitch streams, Square Enix has finally revealed the next game in the Deus Ex series with Game Informer:


After five years of service, the streaming game company OnLive is shutting down by the end of April. 

Their statement: 

Red Barrel, developers of the indie horror game Outlast, have announced via Twitter that the game, and its accompanying DLC will be released for Mac (and Linux) on March 31st.

Rumors have been floating around that Shadow Warrior would be getting the OSX treatment, but it finally seems to be official.

Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard has updated their MOBA contender Heroes of the Storm with a significant patch today, adding in Team League, a new hero, new battleground and numerous hero balancing and bug fixes. 

Some Patch Highlights:

DroneGP 15

Italian Studio FrozenPepper a new racing game with drones, entitled DroneGP 15, brining a whole new dimension to racing games.

Legend of Grimrock

The sequel to the popular RPG dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock has been released on Mac. A key feature seems to be you actually explore and fight on the surface now, in addition to the dungeons.

This weekend sixteen of the world's best CS:GO teams gathered in Katowice, Poland to fight for a $250,000 cash prize, and a huge Stanley Cup like trophy signifying them as the world's finest Counter Strike players. This is Valve's fifth sponsored international CS:GO tournament, and it's closing o


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