Games these days are getting more and more complicated genre tags. For example, the upcoming Bohemian Killing [official site] is a "non-linear, first person courtroom drama set in steampunk Paris." Whew.

Ever since Portal was released many years ago, first person puzzle games have been doing crazy things.

A new patch has been released for Starcraft II. You can get the rundown over on the SC2 blog, but the main additions I am interested in are the one's to coop.

Frozenbyte, best known for their creation of the awesome Trine series, have released a new game on Steam entitled Shadwen.

A development post has revealed that there is an "experimental Mac port" in the works for Arma III, the realistic military simulator. The FAQ also states it is being done by Virtual Programming.

Serial Cleaner, [official site] is a stealth action game set in the 1970's. You play as a cleaner - not the window washing kind, but rather the variety that cleans up dead bodies and other incriminating evidence.

Paradox games is at it again. Makers of popular games such as Crusader Kings II, they have now turned their eyes towards the future, with the release of Stellaris.

Kathy Rain [official site] is a charming looking pixel art point n' click adventure. Recently released, you play as the titular Kathy Rain, a journalism major out to solve the mystery behind her grandfather's death.

You may or may not remember the side-scrolling platformer Commander Keen from the early 90's, but I do. I can't say I ever played it that much beyond a shareware demo, but it was colorful and interesting. Recently, an updated version of Keen Dreams was released on Steam for Mac.

Another day, another XCOM 2 DLC pack. Not quite, but Alien Hunters is out today for XCOM 2. Available on its own for $10 or part of the Reinforcement Pack, this DLC adds in terrifying new Ruler aliens who will randomly show up in your story missions.


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