You may or may not remember the side-scrolling platformer Commander Keen from the early 90's, but I do. I can't say I ever played it that much beyond a shareware demo, but it was colorful and interesting. Recently, an updated version of Keen Dreams was released on Steam for Mac.

Another day, another XCOM 2 DLC pack. Not quite, but Alien Hunters is out today for XCOM 2. Available on its own for $10 or part of the Reinforcement Pack, this DLC adds in terrifying new Ruler aliens who will randomly show up in your story missions.

On the Mighty No. 9 official site it has been posted that the game has gone gold.

In a blog post the maker of Stardew Valley has announced that Mac & Linux ports, in addition to console ports, multiplayer and other updates will be coming to his game.

Hello! Do you like top down shooters? Grim cyberpunk futures? Lot's of crazy killing and sweet dodge moves? If so, then the upcoming Ruiner [official site] by Reikon Games has you covered.

To clarify, Tracer has been available in pre-release for a week to those who have pre-ordered Overwatch. However, since Overwatch has no Mac support (and who knows if it will) I didn't grab it. So I've waited with the rest of the masses to pick her up today.

It's that time again. Time for what? Another Hearthstone Expansion of course.

The journey continues! Stoic's The Banner Saga 2 releases today. As of this writing, Steam says it has about 3 hours to unlock. Sadly, I won't be able to play it until after work, but I very much look forward to it.

For those of you who still play or got into playing Blizzards still-massive MMO World of Warcraft, you will be happy to hear that its latest expansion titled Legion will be available to play August 30th this year.

Hooray! A release date for The Banner Saga 2 has been announced, and that is this April 19th.

Indie studio Stoic's turn-based viking saga will continue with TBS2, even your saves from the first game will carry over, a la Mass Effect, letting your key choices and decisions matter.


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