In an announcement on the Diablo II forums, Blizzard has unveiled a new patch for the almost 16 year old game.

Want more LEGO? Yes? No? Well either way, we have more. The latest installment, following Jurassic World from last year is Mavel Avengers. LEGO's Marvel Avengers will look to blend the usual narratives pulled from the movies, but also with unexpected humor and silliness.

Hooray! Even more ways to customize our XCOM 2 fodder, er, soldiers, will be arriving on March 17th.

Anarchy's Children, available as a standalone option or part of the Reinforcement DLC pack will add tons of new ways to visually outfit your troops.

From the DLC's description:

Woohoo! Feral is on a roll. After releasing XCOM 2 a little over a month ago, they are now bringing us action-adventure game Sleeping Dogs.

We now have a more clear idea of when insanely awesome FPS STRAFE will arrive. The devs behind the "1996" FPS have teamed up with publisher Devolver Digital to bring us their game in "early 2017." 

Homefront: The Revolution has been officially confirmed to be in development for Mac & Linux.

Funktastic indie point n' click adventure series Deponia is back, this time with Deponia Doomsday. 

In a detailed post over at the Unreal Engine showcase, you can read about Hypercharge, an in-development UE4 powered shooter.

Ever wanted to sneak around in a cult in South America? Well now you can in the upcoming The Church in the Darkness. [official website]

The weird and wonderful Samorost games are back, going for number three. The trailer is full of spectacular oddness, beautiful graphics and offbeat music. I find it compelling because it is all so strange. But that is what Amanita Design has always been good at.


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