Frozenbyte, makes of the Trine series, have launched a demo campaign for their new Stealth game Shadwen.

SUPERHOT. SUPERHOT. SUPERHOT. It is finally here. From 7 day indie game jam project, to successful Kickstarter, SUPERHOT is available today after 2+ years of work by the developers.

Awesome! Indie survival game Flame in the Flood [official website] has been released.

From the game's description:

We reported awhile ago that Turok could be coming to Mac "soon" and now it has.

In a blog post New World Interactive have announced a new project: Insurgency: Sandstorm.

Excerpts from the blog post:

Editors note: Updated with bundle trailer.

The latest Humble Indie Bundle (now up to 16) is offering a bevy of Mac gaming compatible goodness.

Pay what you want for: 

Woah. It seems like its time to get POSTAL again, because POSTAL Redux has been announced. Running With Scissors infamous 1997 game is being given an HD facelift along with a new game mode.

In an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Lead Designer Jake Solomon stated in regards in performance and bug issues: “I can’t say dates, but I would say that we’re working very furiously.

Blizzard has posted the system requirements for their upcoming WoW expanision, Legion. Find them below. To find out more about Legion, visit the official site.

Mac Minimum System Requirements:

Cities: Skyline, the popular city-building simulator have released a new DLC. Titled "Snowfall" the DLC of course, adds snow (and rain) to your cities. Along with this come new issues to manage, such as heating issues and snowy streets.


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