In an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Lead Designer Jake Solomon stated in regards in performance and bug issues: “I can’t say dates, but I would say that we’re working very furiously.

Blizzard has posted the system requirements for their upcoming WoW expanision, Legion. Find them below. To find out more about Legion, visit the official site.

Mac Minimum System Requirements:

Cities: Skyline, the popular city-building simulator have released a new DLC. Titled "Snowfall" the DLC of course, adds snow (and rain) to your cities. Along with this come new issues to manage, such as heating issues and snowy streets.

Plague Inc: Evolved has been fully released! You can now enjoy destroying the world with a variety of deadly diseases. Every mad villians dream I am sure. Or maybe just gamers, since it has proved very popular throughout early access.

The Kronos Group has officially released Vulkan 1.0 to the world. The original release date was planned for end of 2015, but February 2016 isn’t too much of a delay.

Aspyr has published Layers of Fear! [official website] You can now get your scare on through Steam for $19.99.

LEGO: Star Wars - The Complete Saga is now available on Steam courtesy of Feral Interactive.

For $19.99 you can relive your childhood adventures of both toys and nostalgic sci-fi movies in one fell swoop. Enjoy!

The first episode of TellTale's The Walking Dead: Michonne [official site] will be premiering this February 23rd.

Firaxis have revealed a stats page for XCOM 2, showing off some interesting stats. Find the page here.

Mode 7 Games have announced the development of Frozen Synapse 2. [official site].


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