The strikingly visual indie survival game The Flame in the Flood [Official Website] has announced a release date from early access: The game will be available on Steam for

The "mystery-adventure-walking simulator" Firewatch [Official website] has been released on Steam.

The day is finally upon us! After much hype, XCOM 2 has been globally released for Mac/PC/Linux.

In a post on the Steam forums Warner Bro's has announced that the Mac & Linux versions of Arkham Knight have been cancelled.

In a news post Feral Interactive have released the minimum and recommended system requirements for the upcoming XCOM 2. Head over to the link to see Linux requirements. Mac are below.

Minimum Mac:

Zombie Night Terror [Official Site] is an upcoming game about the zombie apocalypse, but with a twist. Instead of fighting off the control them!

In an announcement on Kickstarter the SUPERHOT team have finally announced a release date for their upcoming game. Awesome!

Flippfly games - the devs behind Race the Sun - have announced a Prototype Showdown. The two games in contest are LaserPawn and The Last Colony.

This is awesome. I have been wondering what Aspyr will start to bring us in 2016, and now we have an answer.

What do you get when you mashup Running Man with Portal? Apparently this new indie based puzzle game called Attractio.


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