Arma III: Experimental Mac & Linux Ports in Development

A development post has revealed that there is an "experimental Mac port" in the works for Arma III, the realistic military simulator. The FAQ also states it is being done by Virtual Programming.

There are a lot of limitations to the port, but basically you can buy and play it right now, it is just not advertised as SteamPlay for Mac/Linux. But upon installing and hitting Play it will launch for you.

Arma III was having a free weekend (now over) so I did try it out for a few hours. The port ran all right (just make sure to turn down your resolution) and was fairly fun. But the list of caveats are pretty high, so for now, I am wary of actually buying it. I will definitely keep my eye on it though, and if more substantial improvements or developments are made, I could recommend it.

Arma III is available on Steam for $39.99.

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