The Cavalry's here! Tracer releases in the Nexus today

To clarify, Tracer has been available in pre-release for a week to those who have pre-ordered Overwatch. However, since Overwatch has no Mac support (and who knows if it will) I didn't grab it. So I've waited with the rest of the masses to pick her up today. I have 18k gold, but that specter bundle is sick so I'm probably going to buy it.

Tracer of course, is a popular Overwatch character with high mobility and annoying blink skills. She is the first Overwatch hero Blizzard has sucked into the Nexus, with more I'm sure to follow. In Heroes of the Storm she has a unique mechanic of being able to move and attack at the same time. As usual, she will be available after Blizzard finishes patching the game later today.

You can read more about Tracer as she exists in Heroes of the Storm on her hero page.

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