Hearthstone: Old Gods Whispering in Today

It's that time again. Time for what? Another Hearthstone Expansion of course. The highly anticipated Whispers of the Old Gods is set to release later today after Blizzards patching. To note, the expansions are separate from the Adventures, which are those silly (and fun) player vs AI bosses affair. The last expansion, The Grand Tournament failed to impress compared to previous releases, although many of the cards are still used.

You can view all the cards at Hearthstone's Facebook page though why they don't actually have them all on the official game site is beyond me.

Personally I am excited for a lot of the new cards. I main Warrior & Mage, but the awesome new cards for Hunter, Shaman and Druid will probably make me play them more.

What cards or class are you looking forward to most?

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