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The Great Backlog Project Update #2

The Great backlog project continues! I haven't updated this in awhile, but I've actually made significant progress. That being said there have been some causalities along the way for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the game just couldn't hold my interest anymore, and in some cases I ran into technical problems that prevented me from playing the game altogether.

Back in action

After a year + hiatus I am finally back in action to the MGC. I'm ashamed I've been away so long, but a variety of life events and scheduling have given me very little time to input into the site or game journalism in general. But I am back at it now! I have new news posts, a new youtube video and more coming soon. (2-3 new features.) Here's my tenative weekly schedule: 

The Backlog Project Update

So back in December of last year I posted about my Great Backlog Project. After a number of delays, I have finally started. Woohoo!

I spent 17 hours beating Shadow Warrior, which was both fun and a bit of a slog. Worth playing for FPS fans however I suspect, but the game definitely did not need to last that long. I wonder how Shadow Warrior 2 will fare. At least it has coop mode which should make things more interesting if the game lasts as long as the first.

Refunded: Skyshine's Bedlam

Skyshine's Bedlam (so named since a game called "Bedlam" exists on Steam) is a post-apocalyptic rogue-like strategy game. It has all the elements to be brilliant: Awesome artwork, a strong presentation, a wasteland setting and solid music. It is like if The Banner Saga and FTL had a mutant baby, this would be it. I love both those games, shouldn't this mix of the two be epic and hugely playable?

I want that answer to be a resounding "YES" but after 90+ minutes of time into the game, I found it to be a solid "No." 

Refunded: Space Hulk: Ascension

I've had my eye on Space Hulk for awhile. I am a huge Warhammer 40K fan, so the game seemed right up my alley. However, the more static nature of the first entry didn't capture me enough to purchase it. Then the developers put out Space Hulk: Ascension, an updated sequel with new features that I thought I would enjoy: Upgrades to your Space Marines, more weapons, alternate firing modes and multiple campaigns.


So I've been working on a variety of reviews lately and its been fun. I did the Chivalry review and I finished two hardware reviews but I'm out of time to post them as I have to dash off to my day job. 

I'm always tweaking the site here and there. I know there are some unfinished areas on the site so I plan on tidying those up tonight so everything is consistent and uniform in its presentation.

I really have a near endless task lisk, but I don't find this discouraging. On the contrary, I find it inspiring and I enjoy chipping away at it constantly.

So I got a gamepad

As the title of this post so astutely states, I have a gamepad. An Xbox 360 wireless controller to be precise. If you don't know me this wouldn't be significant. But if you did know me, you would understand that I've spent the last several years decrying, and otherwise avoiding gamepads for anything on a computer. So the fact that I now have one is curiously monumental in some fashion. Why would I get one? Mostly because I thought it would help me play Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Alas it did not.

Return of the iMac (Mine that is)

So as I've mentioned in my last few posts, my new iMac has been out for repairs. Not anymore! I finally got it back a few days ago after months of annoyance, agony and absurd incompetence from my local Apple Authorized Reseller. I'm not sure how they also got authorized to repair any Apple products because their inability to fix my machine was staggering. What should have taken 7-10 days literally took 50. But there's little use in moaning about the past, instead looking forward to the future is much better!

What I like about Dying Light (and what I don't.)

So I’ve played Dying Light for about 24 hours according to my Steam library. The game is immensely fun overall, though I have a few gripes. I thought to list what I like, and what I do not.


• The parkour is fantastic. It's nearly on par with Mirrors Edge and that's saying something. The sense of momentum as you dash about the city makes you feel fast, and pulling off tricky moves or saving yourself from near-death is thrilling. As you unlock higher agility skills and the grappling hook, it gets even better.