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Dying Light, and other thoughts.

Yes, this is a Mac site. Yes, I'm about write about a PC game. I've always intended to chit-chat about some stuff I bootcamp on the side on my blog section, so it's, you know, less official and stuff. But before all that, I had some thoughts.

• I should not promote blog posts to the front page. The formatting is all wonky compared to the regular posts. So I'm going to keep them off there, and keep them in the little rotating box on the right where they are now.

How My New Computer Died

So my pretty brand-new iMac I got about 2 months ago, crapped out on me about 1 month ago. Well not the whole computer, but the grahpics card. Apps, games, pictures, previews, none of them work properly and has extreme artifact-ing. Why am I writing about this a month later? Well because a local Apple specialist has held my computer hostage for a month and did absolutely nothing to fix it, despite telling me "everything is fine, you can take it home now." On startup I found the exact same graphics issue I brought it in for, was still present.

My Birthday

So my birthday was last Tuesday the 8th. I had some work in the morning, then in the early afternoon I decided to play a little Insurgency as I was in the process of reviewing it for MacWorld.

Needing to check out the updated AI I chose a cooperative mode on Peak. Informing my squad-mates I had to go soon for a birthday party, one asked if it was for me or a friend. I said for me. He replied, really? Woooo! And proceeded to empty his clip into the air in celebration. I was touched.

Lily's Strategy of Gaming Blog #1


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