Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball Impressions

Just look at the picture. You cannot say no to that.

If I were to buy a game purely based on the merit of its name, Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodge ball would definitely win me over in five-seconds flat. Developed by 82apps, RRDDD is one part eye hurting neon visualizer, two parts bizarre first person arena shooter, and a pinch of first person sports.

After a long winding Early Access phase, RRDDD finally had a proper release last Thursday, and things have been looking great for the flashy first person ball thrower.

One of the most worrying aspects about this game was the fact that it was an online only multiplayer game made by an independent developer. It’s almost a miracle in the industry these days for most independent multiplayer focused games to survive more than just a few weeks before they wither and die quickly. While there are outliers in this category, notably games like Insurgency, Speedrunners, and Chivalry Medieval Warfare (which has a running OS X beta that you can play now!) that have thriving communities, most multiplayer games don’t have a lasting player base. Unique games such as Gun Monkeys, The Showdown Effect, and Hawken had an extremely hard time gaining traction and staying alive in such a cutthroat industry.

Robot Disco Derby This could be your high school in 2115

This could be your high school in 2115

But someway, somehow, RRDDD managed to grab the attention of the elusive Youtube let’s players, and enough press coverage to luckily have enough people playing online for it not to be called dead in the water today. I’m sure glad it did.

The game is sinfully simple, you play as a robot (as the title suggests) that zips around due to the fact that instead of feet, you have a single unicycle-like wheel attached to your torso. As you weave, jump, and throw through the game’s ten eye meltingly bright maps, you realize that the walls are just visualizers thumping with the game’s ear deafening sound track.

Each dodgeball you throw has a similar feeling of firing a rocket launcher into the air, in which you have to predict where your enemy will be a split second ahead before you release your ball in order to crush your robot foes. The best part of having projectile weapons in this game is that each dodgeball leaves a trail of sparkles in the air, visually making the game an even more hectic affair. By the end of each match you will feel as if you’re inside the middle of a Fourth of July fireworks show, with trails of red, blue, green, orange, and purple painting your screen with delicious robot gibs.

Robot Disco Derby Disco Derby Madness

Disco Derby Madness

While it’s mechanics are simple enough, RRDDD still manages to pack a bunch of content in with it’s seven different multiplayer modes, that range from classics such as team death match, to the absurd. Modes, like the roller derby death race, and the insanely fun basketball dodgeball hybrid mode called hoops (the mode that I’ve sunken the most time into, also) truly helps separate this game from other first person shooters. There is also a slew of fun single player modes that kept me busy when I was tired of getting destroyed by better players online.

It’s depressing how an insanely original game like this is not on the bestseller list right now on Steam. (Editors note: it is!) It’s on sale right now for 20% off the launch price, and for $11.99 you won’t get an experience like this anywhere else.