Escape From Tarkov pledges Mac support

Those cool European devs are at it again, with another atmospheric FPS coming our way. Escape From Tarkov is a realistic online shooter with strong RPG and simulator elements. You can play alone or with friends and foes in a story-driven scenario. 

The difference this time, is that it is actually Mac supported. As per their FAQ: 

“The game is based on Unity 5, but many essential functions were created by us from the scratch. We plan a Mac release, but it is yet unclear if the Mac players will play with everyone else on common servers.”

The caveat being that the beta testing for Mac will occur after the PC release. Still looking forward to this one a lot. Funnily enough I was browsing this game about a week ago, and Mac support was not mentioned. I am also impressed by how good this game looks for Unity 5, I thought it was another engine.

I'll post more on the game as it develops. For now you can enjoy an alpha demonstration below.