I've been moving recently and now that I'm finally settled in I got to looking at that newly refreshed 15" MacBook Pro with the new AMD m370x graphics chip. It seems like it will end up being a pretty good upgrade over the 750m. Apple claims 80% faster anyway. So good on them for that. However, I can't help but feel like it's still not quite worth it to upgrade. The machine I use now is old. 4 years old in fact. In technology, that's a century; or at least it used to be. It would be wrong for me to claim that there haven't been any gains in battery life, efficiency, and performance over the last 4 years but it's hardly the ground breaking stuff that we saw between 2003 and 2007 or any other dates you could pick from since 1979 until about 2011.

There are signs that this machine is aging certainly. It's a fair bit thicker than the Retina display models and the battery life isn't quite as good and it can't keep up with modern games and resolutions as well as it used to. However, it's not so bad to where I feel an immediate need to upgrade. In a general use sense, I have zero complaints still. Which makes me wonder how manufacturers are going to keep people buying new computers as often as they have, when even an iPhone has the processing power to do what most people want to do on a daily basis. 

I'm sure I'll probably cave on a new MacBook Pro in the coming months once I get my hands on one at an Apple Store.