So back in December of last year I posted about my Great Backlog Project. After a number of delays, I have finally started. Woohoo!

I spent 17 hours beating Shadow Warrior, which was both fun and a bit of a slog. Worth playing for FPS fans however I suspect, but the game definitely did not need to last that long. I wonder how Shadow Warrior 2 will fare. At least it has coop mode which should make things more interesting if the game lasts as long as the first.

In the meantime I have actually spent more time on new games than old. The Banner Saga 2, Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition, FireWatch and SUPERHOT all occupied my attention in the meantime. (Reviews coming soon.) 

Presently I am working on Victor Vran which is a pretty fun RPG for $20. Scratches a decent ARPG itch, though its not Diablo. But for a quarter of the price I wouldn’t expect it to be. It does enough different things to grab my interest. The ability to jump alone is quite novel in an ARPG for me.

Oh and of course, I have been playing in Blizzards funzone, with Hearthstone, Starcraft 2 (both Legacy of the Void and coop) and Heroes of the Storm, where I am attempting to get a team together for competitive play. Good times.

That’s it! I will update you more as I’ve got more games done. But progress is progress all the same, even if I should be farther along. I’m still instituting my “buy no new games” policy, so that should help. Of course I end up getting a lot of stuff free for journalistic reasons, so I can’t rule those out. 

Ta ta! And have fun gaming.