Kerbal Space Program - Making History DLC Review

Kerbal Space Program has captured the imagination of space fanatics around the globe and after quite a few small updates where the main game's content/gameplay has not changed that significantly, it’s fair to say that the Making History DLC is big news.

In my original Kerbal Space Program review, one of the things I commented on was the lack of any tangible direction or story.

Now while it still lacks both direction and story, the making history DLC seems to have addressed this uniquely. Instead of building a full on story mode they have added a powerful drag and dropped mission editor where players can create missions and share them with friends as a challenge. They have also bundled some pretty cool premade missions to get everyone started such as “Meet me in Zero G” where you will have to launch two spacecraft and perform an orbital rendezvous and dock both crafts together.

Another excellent example of a stock mission would be “Trouble in the Void” where you are in orbit around kerbin in the malfunctioning Valskhod 2, and you need to save the Kerbals by boarding SWM-94 a nearby vessel that can support life.

The Making History expansion also introduces some new historically themed parts from the space race era including Saturn V and Soyuz themed parts. You can expect to see new fuel tanks, engines, engine mounts, crew modules, Service Modules and a bunch of structural parts. Many of these new parts have a few nice variations in size, texture, and style. 

With the new DLC, your Kerbonauts are also able to have a personal parachute so you can “jump ship” if everything is going wrong.  

I feel like the new mission editor, and parts complement the game very well, though there does appear to be a few small bugs, I haven’t personally run across anything game breaking in regular 

It’s worth noting that anybody who bought Kerbal Space Program before May 1st, 2013 will be able to get the DLC for free.

If you already dig (with your nose cone) KSP, then this DLC is well worth getting.