The Wolf Among Us - A Crooked Mile Review

I just finished playing Episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us, and all I can say is: Wow. Just wow. Be warned this review contains minor spoilers for those who haven’t played the previous episodes.

Arriving at a much better 2-month interval after Episode 2, A Crooked Mile immediately picks up after the finale of the last episode.  Crane is on the run, while Bigby and Snow try to figure out where he is and why he did it. The main characters frustration and tension take center stage here as previous questions are answered and new one’s presented by the end.

Tough decisions with brutal consequences are thrown at you repeatedly and more than ever I felt the weight of Bigby’s actions and words. This is some damn fine storytelling and you don’t want to miss it.

Smoke and Mirrors may have stumbled a little, but this episode more than makes up for any shortcomings. Every minute is well spent exploring our main characters and some of the peripheral one’s. Seeing how Gren and Holly deal with Lily’s death was touching and Narissa and Vivian make another appearance.

The top-notch writing continues and gives plenty of opportunities for you to be nice, cruel or somewhere in-between. We are roleplaying Bigby after all, so making each scene your own always feels satisfying. One of my favorite moments is when Snow pauses to ask Bigby: “Is there maybe some small part of you bottled up that likes it when things go wrong, know, you don’t have to pretend?”

And pretend he doesn’t in the final scenes that just blew me away. If you ever wondered why Bigby doesn’t bother carrying around a gun as Sherrif, (I did anyway) you will witness why that isn’t necessary. We finally get to see Bigby’s power and ferocity unleashed and it is equal parts scary and epic. The ending also introduces an intriguing new Fable in Mary who will no doubt play a big role moving forward.

We don’t get to meet many new characters this episode, but that doesn’t detract from the proceedings. A standout is a visit to a witch which feels like a legitimate part of the old Fable world. It was also great to see Ambrose, or Flycatcher show up and interact with Bigby. I was pleased to see they have captured his look from the comics with 100% accuracy.

On that note, fans of the Fable comic series will appreciate small touches seen throughout this episode. We get a note from Boy Blue, A file wondering where Cinderella is, and get to see more objects around the business office like the sword in the stone. These don’t impact the game, but for those who read or have read Fables, it will make them smile.

The only complaint about this outing is that some scenes finish before you can entirely examine the area. Once you have found what you need, the story pushes on, leaving untouched and undoubtedly interesting things for Bigby to look at. You will have to play through at least twice to check everything out. That being said, with the amount of heavy decision making going on in this episode it would be a crime to only play it once.

We are now halfway through the first season of A Wolf Among Us. If future episodes continue to be as intelligent, tough and emotional as this one, then we are in for a big treat. Episode 4 can’t come soon enough.


  • Tough choices
  • Emotional storytelling
  • Incredible finale


  • Not allowed to explore everything